New Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Black Deco from What Katie Did

Paź 11 '17

New Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Black Deco from What Katie Did

What Katie wholesale Christmas costumes Did’s designer Katie Halford has just announced her latest creation which is based on the classic design movement. The black Deco set comprises a pair of opaque, high-waisted knickers, a new shorter version of What Katie Did’s popular Glamour waist cincher and a beautifully designed balconette bra. This latest addition to the faux vintage lingerie brand’s line has taken the clean, geometric lines of Art Deco and adapted it to suit the comfort requirements of the 21st Century wearer; whether you’re blessed with vintage curves, or a more streamlined Jazz Age-appropriate figure


!You corset skirts sets could say that actually it’s Lady Gaga’s influence that made Katie decide to bring out a pair of deep, retro knickers that can double as outerwear, because she’s been single-handedly pioneering that daring look for a while now.

The new, narrower  Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie waist cincher features detachable suspenders and has a shaping band inspired by a 19th Century corset. It’s lined with What Katie Did’s trademark powermesh and is perfect for aiding and abetting your most dangerous curves. Just like the knickers, this naughty little piece of shapewear can be worn over or under your clothes depending on the level of statement you’d like to make!

The piece-de-resistance of this set is the bra, which is a supportive and shapely balconette style featuring that most classical of Deco motifs – the geometric sunburst – decorating the bottom half of the cups. It’s the perfect fusion of dramatic vintage detailing with modern comfort and design, and comes in a range of sizes, suiting everyone from flapper to fulsome. The Deco range is going to be launched in mid-January 2010, just in time for Art Deco devotees and lingerie-lovers alike to enjoy a very vintage-chic Valentine’s day.



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